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September 28, 2012
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You walk up the marble steps to Arthur and Alfred's house, clutching Arthur's homework to your chest. Alfred had to stay after school since he had football practice so you would be alone with Arthur.

You stare up at the white Victorian door and contemplate on knocking or going in unannounced. Alfred had said Arthur was sick, but it was an obvious lie. What if he was still busy with… whatever it is he couldn't leave behind?

You decide to go in unannounced; after all he did invite you over earlier. You open the door and quietly close it. You call out your presence to Arthur before entering the living room.

"Arthur, I brought- Oh my god!" Arthur's homework scatters all over the floor as you rush to his side. You look at his tattered, bloody, and burnt body.

"A-Arthur!" Tears form in your eyes as you begin to remove his torn button-up shirt. You quickly discard it and gasp; his body had so many wounds! Burns, cuts, bruises; they all linger on his pale torso. You frown, knowing there will be more scattered across his body.

You quickly rush to the downstairs bathroom and gather some gauze, medicine, all the clean hand towels, two regular towels, and some disinfectant.

You then run into the kitchen and get a large bowl and a bucket, filling the bowl with some warm water. When you get back to Arthur you see he's gotten even paler.

Tears fill your eyes once more but you quickly blink them back. There's no room for mistakes. You grab a hand towel and begin washing the blood and ashes off of his face and chest.

Once it's decent enough to see, you frown when you notice a large gash running across his abdomen. You noticed earlier he was pressing down on it but didn't think anything of it.

You stand and run to the cabinet next to the bathroom, getting the emergency medical kit. Since your mother was a nurse, she had made sure they had once since they lived alone. You'll have to thank her later.

You run back with the kit and quickly place it on the ground. You take off your jacket and put your hair up in a ponytail.

"Let's do this." You smirk and open the kit, getting a stronger disinfectant and spray the gash. You see Arthur's face scrunch slightly but besides that he doesn't move.

"Not good." You raise your hand up to rest on Arthur's pulse which feels very faint.

"Damn it!" You yell before grabbing the needle and thread and begin stitching Arthur up. Your head flinches every time you press the needle through Arthur's skin, but other than that you're completely calm.

You finish closing Arthur's wound in about five minutes with perfect accuracy. You notice you haven't checked his back however.

You frown and successfully roll Arthur on his side before growing stiff. He had three large gashes, almost as if something very large had scratched him.

"O-oh my God." Your eyes grow wide and your hands begin to shake. There's no way this can be sewn. The scratches are to close; they practically make one large wound.

'No wonder he's so pale! He's lost so much blood!' You move your hands to your chest, clenching the cloth there. You begin hyperventilating. 'Ar-Arthur… Please don't leave me! Yo-You can't die like this! Not like this…'

A strange feeling comes from your necklace as it begins to glow and a strange calmness washes over you. You lift your hands, focusing a good amount of your energy to your palms. Slowly, water encloses your hands and mixes with your energy.

You move your glowing hands to Arthur's back and close your eyes. You place them at the tip of the three inflictions and gently press down. You feel the wound fading and begin to move your hands down his back.

After a couple of minutes, you begin to get light headed, but refuse to let that distract you. You clench your eyes together, focusing all of your energy to the palms of your hands.

The energy in the room becomes lighter making your bangs gently lift up. You open your eyes and watch the light grow larger… stronger. Your hair ribbon slides off and your hair begins to gently float around your head.

Warmth spreads all throughout your body, sending electric tingles in its path. The light engulfs Arthur's body for a few moments, and then vanishes. Every inch of Arthur's body is now healed.

You smile. Moments later a thump is heard throughout the room as a body meets the beige carpet.

:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: Arthur's Pov :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:

Arthur scrunches his sexy bushy eyebrows together. Moments ago it had felt as if someone was healing him, but he hasn't met a healer since his grandmother passed.

He opens his emerald eyes to the world, wondering why he feels so… healthy. He was badly wounded and now he feels so strong and healthy.

Arthur sits up and gasps. His wounds were gone! There was absolutely no trace of them. A healer had to of been here! No ordinary spell can do this.

He glances over and his eyes widen. (Name) was passed out on the ground, medical supply's surrounding her.

"B-but she can't be aware of her powers, there's no way!" Arthur tries to convince himself that you didn't heal him, but ends up failing.

He shakes his head, 'There's no time for this! I need to take (Name) and restore her energy before she grows ill.

He stands and gently picks you up, cradling you in his arms. He walks upstairs and down the hall, opening the last door on the left.

He sets you on his Union Jack comforter and paces over to his wooden bookshelf. He pulls a midnight blue book from the third shelf and walks back to you.

He gently brushes some hair away from your face. He gives a small smile at the sight of your beautiful face before opening the book.

He immediately finds the page needed and walks to the foot of his bed. With the book in one hand he murmurs a spell, his wand appearing in the other.

He begins to chant a Restoration spell while his wand creates an invisible alchemy sign. Arthur watches your body rise from his bed before continuing the spell.

A strange light emits from your necklace as it too, rises from your body. The light engulfs your body and sinks into your skin, restoring your lost energy.

You're slowly lowered back onto the bed and Arthur seals the spell by creating the final alchemy sign. He frowns and strolls over to your unconscious body. He picks up your necklace charm and examines it, conforming who had created it.

"No doubt he'll be here in a few days. He's probably on his way here now. With the activation of (Name)'s powers and Him returning to our world, he's more likely paranoid for her safety like I."

Arthur places the charm over your heart and quietly exits the room, heading downstairs to prepare the two guest rooms.

"Knowing both of us, neither of us will allow (Name) to leave our sight, so it's best if I prepare her a room too. Well, more like tidy it up since she's claimed one for her own."

:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:Lukas' Pov :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:

Lukas pants as he finishes off the final wave of undead. 'I know darn well why He's not letting me leave so easily. (Name)'s just now activated her powers which means she's much more fragile against magic. I only hope Arthur can keep her safe until I get there.'

You see, at the moment our beloved Norwegian had just fought off five waves of undead, ranging in about 300 bodies scattered across the field he was in.

Since he didn't want anyone notice the fight he had lured them to a deserted plain and fought every single one of them.

"Now to return to my previous task." Lukas quickly mumbles an Illusion spell that teleports him to his house.

A Dane jumps at the sudden appearance of his friend, "Hey Luke, are those your bags by the front door?"

The smaller male nods and quickly walks to the mentioned place, grabbing said bags. "I'll be gone for a while Matthias, tell the others I'm sorry for not be able to say goodbye but, this is urgent."

With that being said he whispers the same spell and appears in an airport restroom. He exits the restroom and rushes over to a ticket counter.

"Hello, how may I help you, sir?" The friendly woman asks.

"I need a ticket to (Place), the soonest available, please."

The lady types in the place and smiles, "The next flight to (Place) leaves in ten minutes."

Lukas nods and buys a ticket, quickly walking over to the docking area 105, the plane that will take him to you.

'Don't worry (Name), I'm coming. I just hope Arthur can take care of Him if he shows himself to you.'
Yay, chapter 2~!

I really enjoy writing this story, so I hope you all like it as much as I do!

Lukas is finally shown but you two have yet to meet again, that will be in the next chapter though~!

So, who do you think He is? Honestly, I have so many ideas of who I want it to be, I can't even tell you...

I'm pretty tired so it may not be as good as the first chapter, but that's my opinion. I also rushed Norway's part so sorry~ I'll make it up to you next chapter, I promise.

I hope you enjoy/enjoyed the story~!

Hetalia Hidekaz Himaruya
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