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August 10, 2012
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"Hey (Name)!" You blink and turn around to see your best friend, Alfred F. Jones, running towards you.

"Hey Al; what are you doing at school this early? You usually come late- not that I'm complaining or anything!" You laugh hugging him.

You have been friends ever since kindergarten when he had saved your teddy bear from some 'meanies'. Not-surprisingly the bullies have still picked on you throughout all the years of school, but Alfred, being the lovable and protective teddy bear of a friend, had always stuck up for you, once he even dyed one of the girls' hair green for you simply because she tripped you.

"Well, I decided to hang out with my best friend today before class. Is that such a big problem?" He laughs letting go of you. You both begin to walk to your lockers that are, conveniently, right next to each other. "Well no but you know, you're Alfred Jones, the quarterback that hangs out with the outcast. Usually the quarterback hangs out with the cheerleaders and 'popular' groups."

After you said that Alfred had stopped, grabbed your shoulders, and forced you to look into his eyes. "(Name), why do you think that? I like you way more than those… people. Besides you're my Best Friend why would I choose those losers over you? We go way back to kindergarten. I know you better than you know yourself, as you do to me. Don't ever say that again (Name)."  

You blink looking into Alfred's hauntingly serious eyes. You feel the blush dusted across your cheeks, form both embarrassment and from how close Alfred is to you. Hell, you could smell the peppermint on his breath. "A-al, I don't-" He silences you by leaning his forehead against yours, placing a hand on your cheek.

"Heh, this is kind of weird isn't it (Name). The hero hasn't been this serious since the accident, huh?" He laughs a quiet laugh, not like his normal 'hero' laugh, a more meaningful laugh almost. He leans away from you, dropping his hand.

"Well we should get to class right (Name)? The hero comes to school early so he shouldn't be late to class." Now he laughs his hero laugh, grabbing his books, stuffing them into his backpack, before opening your locker and grabbing yours before walking to class. Wait… He opened your locker but you never gave him the combination…

"Alfred F Jones, get your butt back here and tell me how you know my combination!" Once that command is exclaimed all students see is the quarterback laughing his 'hero' laugh, running from an angered madwoman Lady.

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~Le time skip~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

"I seriously can't believe you Alfred," You scolded your friend beside you. "How could you of learned my locker combination when we're only a week into school? It's a new lock."

Alfred laughs rubbing the bruise on his arm you had given him, "Aha well um, I kind of stole the paper with your combination number and memorized it. I only did it out of good intentions, I swear!" He raised his hands in a surrendering so you didn't hurt his arm again.

"Hello class! Sorry I am late, I had run into another teacher on the way here and lost track of time." You roll your eyes at that, knowing full well why she was late, she had been drinking too much coffee. Mrs. Rei was a sweet old lady but had an addiction to caffeine.

"Anywho children, we have a wonderful thing today. First let me introduce a new student from Italy! Lovino Vargas!" Your eyes widen slightly as you look at the attractive Italian walk into the room.

He has auburn-hair with an adorable curl on the side of his head, with honey-brown eyes. He stopped in front of the class, into the natural sunlight, showing off his olive-tanned skin.

You heard the girls let out squeals at this attractive sight, making you twitch. 'Why are people so stupid? Life isn't based on looks…' You sigh before looking at Lovino again.

"Well, Mister Lovino. Aren't you going to introduce yourself?" Mrs. Rei questioned. Lovino sighs before looking up with a slight scowl on his face. "I'm Lovino Vargas from Italy. Oh, and before you ask girls, no I will not be your boyfriend." He says with a strong Italian accent.

You laugh as you hear all the girls groan in disappointment. "Miss (Name)? What is so funny as to why you are laughing?" Mrs. Rei asks you.

You shake your head, waving your hands in front of you, giggling. "No-nothing Mrs. Rei, ju-just remembering something funny I saw." She looks at you before sighing.

"Well Mrs. (Name), I can't really punish you for that but I will make you do this." She straitens her back staring straight into your eyes. "You will be Lovino's guide until he gets the hang of this place. I know his schedule and you two have everything together. He will also be sitting beside you in every class."

"Aww but Teach, (Name) sits next to me in every class, Lovino can't take my seat!" Alfred whines. "Because of that Mr. Jones you will also be Lovino's guide. The only class you and Miss (Name) don't have together is your first elective so that will work out perfect."

Alfred groans beside you before sinking down in his seat, pouting with his arms crossed. You laugh lightly, placing a hand on his arm, leaning down to whisper into his ear, "Come on Alfie, you know how much I love spending time with you. Besides maybe he's good at sports , you could recruit him into the team."

You laugh lightly again making him blush and shiver. He looks to the side, away from you before mumbling in agreement. For some reason you could always make Alfred do anything you wanted. You just had that control over him.

"Hey bella ragazza is he your boyfriend?" You blush, looking over at Lovino to see him smirking at you. 'Wh-what? Did… did he just hit on me… twice?! First calling me beautiful then asking if Alfred was my boyfriend. This Italian has some guts.'

"Well Lovino, first thank you for that compliment and second, no. Alfred and I are not dating." You blush slightly as you stare into Lovino's half-closed honey eyes, which strangely look hazy.

He eye's remain the same, never breaking contact as he leans forward onto his desk, crossing his arms and smirking, "Wonderful amare."

~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~Le time skip~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Once your first period was done, Science, you had to move onto math. Now you being a very smart junior was actually going to get into calculus, but had declined nicely mainly because of Alfred.

His mind wouldn't be able to handle pre-calculus without you so you had stayed for him. You're seriously Alfred's Kryptonite. Yes he still can do hero things around you but it's more of if you're not there, he's a wreak.

Freshman year, when you two only had P.E. together, he had started a fire in science, fainted in math because the problems hurt his brain, and had 'disrupted class' in history by cheering when any war that involved America's side winning was said out loud, but you just thought that, that teacher had a stick up his butt.

"So bella, what locker are you?" Lovino chimes in, killing the strange silence. You turn to your left, towards Lovino, and smile. "Locker 213, Pouty Mc. Pout beside me is locker 212. What's yours  ragazzo?"

You smirk as he blushes from you knowing Italian. Though you don't know it, he loves it when you speak Italian… Even though you've only known each other for maybe an hour? Oh wow is he screwed.

You furrow your eyebrows when you look at Lovino. He seems to be lost in thought and apparently it's depressing him. 'Does he not remember? Oh that's his locker number and combination in his back pocket. I'll just grab that…

You reach into his back pocket grabbing the slip of paper and intentionally touching his butt… "Donna... Perché il diavolo si afferra il mio asino!" He screeches, coming to a dead halt with a blush spread across his cheeks, ears, and nose.

You then stop, blush, and yell back, "Bene, mi dispiace per involontariamente afferrando il tuo asino, che era veramente bella. Attendere! Non ho detto che! Dimenticare tutto ciò che è accaduto negli ultimi minuti, va bene?!"  You turn, facing him with embaressed but determened eyes.

You two have a stare down until Alfred chimes in, "Okay, um. I have no idea what the hell you two just said or what's going on. The hero needs to know these things." You tear your gaze away from Lovino, focusing on Alfred.

"I-it was nothing important Al. Just a hand slip is all." You nervously laugh hoping Alfred had bought that little lie. He seems to stare at you before placing his hands on his hips and laughing his 'hero' laugh.

"I see, well its best we get going so we aren't late." He smiles down at you, his baby blue eyes showing a strange emotion.

You bite your lip, looking off to the side. "Actually Al, could you go on ahead? I gotta talk to Lovino." Alfred blinks before smiling.

"Of course dude! Just make sure you're not late to class." He laughs again, leans down, and ruffles you hair before turning and walking away to class.

You sigh, now focusing your attention on Lovino. "Listen Lovino, I'm really sorry about what I did. I didn't mean to, honestly. Sometimes I get an idea in my head and do it without thinking. Being around Alfred might have that effect on you."

You unravel the paper in your hand and smile, holding it out to him. "But hey, your locker is right next to mine." You laugh nervously, looking at him.

He sighs, "Listen (Name), I understand where you're coming from. What I said was kind of a natural reaction." He grabs the paper and places it back into it original place.

"So, we should get to class before the 'hero' has a panic attack from you not being there." He laughs slightly. It being the first time you hear him laugh, blush from the strange huskiness to it.

"Y-yeah, that would be smart." You smile, forcing down that foreign feeling in your gut, not knowing what was going on in Lovino's mind…
Mild Language

So yeah, first story on deviant art ^-^

I'm kind of a newbie so if you have any tips or pointers that would greatly appreciated. I don't really know how to do much so sorry that I cant put any icons or links yet. -_-'

Anyway, I hope you enjoy or enjoyed the story! :p

Credit goes to the original artist~

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story~!


-Amare: Love

-Bella: Beautiful

-Ragazza: Girl

-Ragazzo: Boy

-Donna... Perché il diavolo si afferra il mio asino: Woman... Why the hell did you grab my ass!

-Bene, mi dispiace per involontariamente afferrando il tuo asino, che era veramente bella. Attendere! Non ho detto che! Dimenticare tutto ciò che è accaduto negli ultimi minuti, va bene:

Well, sorry for unintentionally grabbing your ass, which by the way was really nice. Wait! I did not say that! Forget anything that happened in the last minute, okay?!


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